3 Vintage Racing Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

22 Jan , 2018

My Instagram timeline consists primarily of car related content, more specifically vintage racing content. As someone who was too young at the time to view and appreciate the content that is posted on these pages, they make for a great daily passage through time.

1. Retro Racing Maniacs

Retro Racing Maniacs calling card is the diversity in the types of racing they post images of. They essentially cover every form of motorsports F1 to Motor Cross and NASCAR to Rally. While I am primarily an AOWR/F1/CanAm fan, this account opens me up to a plethora of racing images. 

2. Historical Racing

Interested in vintage Formula 1 pictures? This is your source. Primarily focusing on the time periods between the 1950's and early 00's, this is the meat and potatoes for Formula 1 fans. 

3. Racing Fascination

Racing Fascination is one of my favorite Instagram pages. The page is run by a young German petrolhead at only 18 years old. My favorite part of this page is the attention to the composition of the pictures posted. While the other accounts post great content, you can tell there is an attention to detail when it comes to the general make up of the selected images that are posted. If you like vintage racing cars and enjoy great photography, this account is an instant follow.

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