Recreating History

28 Oct , 2017

I had always wanted to start a clothing brand or clothing line. I had struggled with what the theme or direction of the company would be for awhile. It had always occurred to me that it would be some what car related but never in the way that the original idea did. The idea didn't come to fruition until getting coffee with a friend one afternoon.

I had been on a recent vintage racing clothing binge on eBay. I probably spent close to $300 dollars in the past month on clothes, hats, pictures and posters. It's easy to justify $25 here and $40 here when you get a decent paying job out of college and live with your parents. Sometimes I would search eBay for hours at a time with different search terms to see what I could find. One day while getting coffee with a friend he suggested the idea, "why don't you just make your own vintage stuff?".

I was temporarily laid off from the job that I had gotten right out of college due to the mill portion of the business closing. So I had some free time between then and when my new job would start so I decided to dive in. Along the process of searching eBay far and wide I had come across some items that I thought I would be able to put together into something that myself and others would like. The night after coffee I had 40 new old stock hats and patches shipped to my house.

Using some textile manufacturing skills learned in high school shop class, the hats were put together. Using some friendly resources for photography and eCommerce, the product photography and website were taken care of. Now we wait to see where this endeavor takes us.

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