The Vintage Vault #001 - Kevin Cogan Playboy Fashions/Machinist Unions Racing Team Graphic Tee

03 May , 2018

In this series, will be taking a closer look at the vintage, racing branded items that I’ve accumulated in my personal collection. Some of the more recent items that I’ve added to my collection are newer shirts, with vintage inspired designs. I am always actively looking to add new items to my collection.

To begin, I’ve picked one of my favorite pieces. Kevin Cogan Playboy Fashions/Machinists Union Racing Team graphic tee.

Kevin Cogan Playboy Graphic Tee


Brand: National Fifty-Fifty Heavyweight 

Size: X-Large

Year: 1988

Condition: 8/10

This is easily one of my favorite pieces, but one of the most frustrating. Wether it be from the manufacturer or how its reacted in the wash, this thing wide and short. To the point where it’s almost like a crop top. The bottom hem sits right at the top of pants/shorts with my arms at my side, but lifting my arms at all results in exposed skin.

Kevin Cogan Playboy Graphic Tee


That being said, the design is incredible. Gradient backdrop and text with a large, colored image of the car. When I look for shirts or hats, I like the car to be the focal point of the design and this shirt is a great example of that. The Playboy branding and logo also add a bit of character that I have not seen in other shirts in my time searching.

Kevin Cogan Playboy Graphic Tee


I love this shirt. I wear it when I’m in the house mostly and sometimes outside of it. The length makes it difficult to wear often, I’ve contemplated repurposing the shirt in someway that I could still enjoy the print but unsure of the best way to so.

Kevin Cogan Playboy Graphic Tee


For how old this shirt is, 30 years, it has held up well. All of the seams are in good shape, no loose threads, neck hole isn’t stretched. There are a couple of small stains, but are very muted with a small bit of bleaching used.

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