Vintage Finds of the Week #001

10 May , 2018
I’m always looking for the next item that catches my eye. eBay, forums, thrift shops, and especially at the track. This installment will document and display items that I come across that I find eye catching and interesting. Wether it be color, cut, or content, I’ve found that vintage and vintage inspired racing clothing tends to be some of the most compelling and iconic styling in memorabilia.

Vintage Emerson Fittipaldi Graphic Tee

Emerson Fittipaldi Graphic Tee

Price: $69.99

Size: XXL

Brand: Fruit of the Loom


This thing is straight heat. I can’t get over this design, it’s everything I could want in a vintage IndyCar shirt. It looks like a vintage band tee with the slanted gradient “EMMO” text. I’m a sucker for shirts with the cars being the focal point of the design and this shirt is all that with a highly detailed car image. The only thing that could make this shirt better design wise would be if the car had its proper Marlboro branding. Even at the $70 price tag, this would be an instant cop for me. However, it’s a 2XL. I have another Fruit of the Loom Marlboro racing shirt that is an XL, and I fear this might be too big. Considering requesting measurements and deciding if drying it at a high temp could shrink it.

Vintage Road America All Over IndyCar Print Tee

Road America All Over Print Tee

Price: $25.00

Size: M



Vintage IndyCar and Road America, quickest way to my heart. Unfortunately, the sizing bug strikes again, being a medium it would be just a little too slim for my liking. The design on the other hand is crazy. Massive all splatter/spray over print on both sides featuring an IndyCar. Love the color combo of aqua and pink for the text that really contrasts with the white and grey of the shirt design. The classic block text and Road America logo are also a great touch. The $25 price tag is also very reasonable. This thing is wild.


Vintage Benetton Leather Varsity Jacket

Vintage Benetton Racing Varsity Jacket

Price: $998.00

Size: L

Brand: Benetton


This thing is wild. Color blocking is wild. Embroidery is wild. This is absolutely a statement piece and would be difficult to pull off casually, but it’s too cool of a piece to give a shit what anyone else thinks. This easily could have just been the “Autopolis” alone on the back, but the addition of the embroidered/patched Nelson Piquette Camel Benetton B191 on the back sets this piece over the top. Leather sleeves and the quilted interior really give this piece a quality look. I don’t know what the deal is with the $1,000 price tag, but I’m assuming a lower offer would be accepted on it.


Vintage Corduroy Road Atlanta Hat

Vintage Road Atlanta Hat

Price: Up for bid

Size: N/A

Brand: N/A


It’s amazing what a different material can do for changing the entire look of an item. The corduroy gives the hate immediate presence and character over the usual canvas. Three car multicolor design and Road Atlanta wave text gives the hat a distinct look. With the cable on the bill it gives it the true vintage feel.

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