The New Formula 1 Logo Is A Mistake

26 Nov , 2017
What’s the saying? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it? Yeah, I think that applies to the new Formula 1 logo in every sense of the imagination. It feels like we grow further away from the days of F1 that cemented it as the highest level of racing and viewing spectacle. The logo represented the last bit of the commonly heralded “golden era” of racing and now its gone.

I get it. I understand why Liberty Media have decided to make the change. While the ever aging main demographic of F1(and motor sports in general) enjoy and love the previous logo, the next generation of fans(the ones that matter) hold no feelings of nostalgia for the old logo. Liberty is doing what they think is right and maybe it is the correct thing to do. However, it doesn’t change the fact that those who love F1 for what it was, are not fans of the change.

Gone are the V10s and V8s, gone are the personalities on the track, gone is Murray Walker, gone is the allure of the imminent death of the job that was driving in F1. But the logo remained. Still a reminder of a time that was formative for many of the current viewers for their passion of the sport or motorsport in general. The logo remained unchanged. 

It wouldn’t even be a big deal had the old logo not been perfect. The 1 of “F1” subtly there with the negative space. People still today are figuring out that it reads F1 and not simply just an F. Combine that with the logo also having a sense of speed with the tails coming off the 1 and you have a perfect representation of the sport in a small eye catching graphic.

F1 Logo

Perfection is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. But they had achieved a logo that was both subtle and bold while being completely indicative of what the sport is. To be fair, of the 3 finalists for the new logo, the one that was chosen is the best. It’s sleek, modern, and professional.

F1 logo options

But what is it? You take away the Formula 1 branding below it and remove the trademark symbol next to it and it’s a couple of curved squares. I would imagine this to be any other ambivalent corporate logo voted on by a board of directors for projecting the “future of the company”. But motorsport and F1 have never felt corporate, or at least the product on the track to some extent.

New F1 Logo

I understand why they made the change. A new logo is like a new face for a company, a fresh start. But with a sport that is built so much on the heritage and history of those who built it, it feels like the wrong direction. However, I am not in the demographic of the audience the Liberty wants to grab, they already have me. In that sense, maybe it is the right call.

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