The Brand

Vintage Auto Apparel is a motorsport enthusiast owned apparel collective that ventures to capture the essence of vintage racing. We source our hats and patches from online and in person sources to best represent our passion for motorsport. We look to all types of racing and the automotive industry to draw inspiration for the patches that we choose. All of the hats are new old stock items that have never been worn. These hats are crafted for the casual fan to the championship driver.

A brand molded through family, heritage, and passion. Striving to capture the spirit of vintage motor sport. For everyday use or the weekend at the track. June Sprints to The Run Offs. Curated to represent the essence of a period lost to time.

The Location

Based and operated in Appleton but born and inspired in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Home of the legendary road circuit, Road America, Elkhart Lake is a small town 60 miles north of Milwaukee. While the track is located just outside of Elkhart Lake in Plymouth, it is still considered to be in Elkhart Lake due to it’s history of the race originally running around the lake until 1955.

Mark Donohue, Bruce McLaren, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi are a few of the racing legends that have driven the wooded hills and turns of Road America. Teams brought in from racing royalty such as Roger Penske, Paul Newman, AJ Foyt, and Chip Ganassi. The track is rooted in heritage and history from over 62 years of racing. At the peak of CART, it was heralded as “Woodstock with a race track running through it”.

Inspiration combines with the technical expertise. Day job working racing enthusiast, professional internet historian. Collaborating to create something distinct.

"To achieve anything in this game you must be prepare to dabble in the boundary of disaster."
- Sterling Moss

Nicholas Manderfield

Internet Provocateur

I handle the technical aspects of VAA, web development, media creation, as well as marketing and general branding consistency.

I've owned a few too many BMW's, 1992 325i, 1998 540i, 2004 M3, 2014 435xi, and have essentially always worked in the automotive industry as a web developer and marketer since 2008.